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Home » Suzohapp to Highlight Sports Betting Innovations at Fijma in Madrid

Suzohapp to Highlight Sports Betting Innovations at Fijma in Madrid

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Suzohapp to Highlight Sports Betting, As an essential provider to gambling clubs, sports books and OEMs, SUZOHAPP has effectively overhauled the gaming and game wagering ventures. 바카라사이트

As a believed equipment provider for a really long time by making hand crafts and providing quality, demonstrated parts.

We are specialists in assembling, obtaining, determining, and providing equipment

With long periods of industry experience” says Piero Martellotta, Deals Chief for Spain.

Besides the fact that we give can a huge number of fringe parts yet we really have full turnkey arrangements and redid plans.”

At the current year’s show, SUZOHAPP will introduce without precedent for Spain.

Its games wagering setup to help sports books make a consistent progress to the retail space.

SUZOHAPP finishes the full wagered cycle, from the outset of getting a voucher from the over-the-counter terminal (SBT-OTC)

Suzohapp to Highlight Sports Betting, To putting down the bet with the tabletop sports wagering terminal (SBT-500)

Permitting clients to put down wagers while effectively watching a game. 카지노사이트

Then, they can get their payout in a self-administration strategy with a connected money reclamation terminal

Expanding the client experience as well as putting negligible tension on administrator’s current assets.

“We are pleased to have cooperated with industry-driving organizations like Microhard and Elo Contact Answers

For make a total games wagering biological system that computerizes the wagering experience beginning to end” remarked Piero Martellotta.

We are extremely eager to introduce our advancements at the current year’s occasion so make certain to come by stall #F2 to see them live for yourself!”


SUZOHAPP is a world forerunner in the assembling and dispersion of gaming, entertainment, and sports wagering items.

Serving administrators and OEMs for north of 60 years, SUZOHAPP conveys a tremendous arrangement of parts accessible for sure fire dissemination

And for creating exceptionally fabricated arrangements.

More data, alongside a complete internet based parts list, is accessible at

SUZOHAPP is claimed by subsidiaries of ACON Ventures, L.L.C., a Washington

D.C.- based global confidential value trading company that has liability regarding overseeing roughly $5.5 billion of capital. 카지노 블로그